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Your writing journey doesn't come to an end with the last draft. Promote your story by collaborating with our book marketing service. We develop customized plans, create social media buzz, and put you in touch with the right kind of readers to make your literary adventure a huge success.

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Let’s Market Your Book With Our Book Marketing Services

Our book marketing agency is aware of the effect that a skillfully executed book marketing plan can have. But social media is king in the modern digital era. In order to assist you in engaging with your target audience and creating sincere enthusiasm for your work, we offer complete book social media marketing services.

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Our skilled team can develop a customized strategy, employing networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to target the appropriate audience. To make sure your book achieves its maximum potential, we develop online communities, provide interesting material, and launch focused promotions.

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When creating a customized book marketing strategy we take the time to carefully analyze your objectives, target market, and competitive environment.

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We make sure your book is easily found and attracts readers by boosting your author website and social media presence.

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We build ties with important bloggers, reviewers, and influencers to create goodwill and increase your audience's engagement.

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We track campaign effectiveness and give data-driven insights to help you maximize your marketing efforts. We do this by providing frequent reports and analytics.

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Make your book a work of art with Atlantic Book Publisher marketing services. We are your reliable associate, supporting you in becoming a published author and reaching your goals.

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Thanks to Atlantic's promotion people became aware of my self-help book. Their approach makes my book market well.

Jake C.

Atlantic assisted me in making my book an interesting reading material. Thank you for your assistance guys!

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Atlantic cares about their authors. Highly recommend it!

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Atlantic's cover design properly reflects my criminal thriller.They are experts in editing and designing as well.

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I was hesitant to try ghostwriting , but their experts gave me confidence. Happy with the results!

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I was able to share my book with a larger audience thanks to Atlantic's marketing services. with their help I was able to reach the readership that I was expecting.


We provide a variety of marketing services, including content production, influencer outreach, paid advertising, website and social media optimization, and author branding.

Prices vary based on what your requirements are. In order to produce customized estimates, we offer free consultations.

Consistent work can progressively raise sales and exposure, however results can vary based on your customized strategy.

Definitely! We are here to market your book and interact with reviewers on social media, attempt email marketing, and connect with critics.

We provide analytics and statistics to monitor media mentions, book sales, social media interaction, and website traffic.

We offer customized services for Amazon, including support for the KDP program, targeted advertising, and optimized listings.

Learn more about book marketing best practices and techniques in-depth by reading through our blog articles, webinars, and ebooks.

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