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Got a creative idea stashed up in a drawer? Stop searching for book publishing companies near me and let us help! Our passionate group of book publishing experts is available to assist you in turning it into an interesting book. We assist you at every stage, from expert editing and gorgeous cover design to international distribution and marketing. Your story deserves to be heard, so raise your voice and engage with the world. To find out more and make your dream come true, contact us today!

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Do you have a dream where you are holding your book? It is our goal to bring it to pass. If you're looking for top notch book publishing companies, look no further! Your one-stop shop for anything literary is our team of experienced authors, editors, and designers. We write gripping ebooks, edit your writing, produce amazing covers, and even make trailers to hype up the release of your book. You can concentrate on the story since we take care of everything, including formatting, proofreading, publishing, and marketing. Contact us right now to discuss how we can turn your idea into a published masterpiece!

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Inspiring Writers- Our Promise To You

We give stories the ability to soar from your pen to the world.


Our aim is to remain one of the top book publishing companies by offering reliable and reasonably priced book publishing services. This ensures aspiring writers can afford to work with industry experts and ensure their work of love is properly published. It doesn’t matter what path you choose, the path of self-publishing or the traditional one. We are here to help on your literary journey.


Our vision is to revolutionize the literary world by delivering digital publishing solutions that give every writer a platform to be heard no matter what their experience level is. We are trying to create a future where young authors and not so renowned authors get the same opportunities and attention as an established author. Our goal is to explore and push new talent and offer them the resources they want to be a successful author in the world of literature and leave a lasting mark.

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Genres We Have Mastered



Our fiction publishing service lets you experiment with your creativity and create magical worlds. Whether you want to create gripping mysteries, heartbreaking romances, or grand adventures, we can assist you at every stage, from developing your work to distributing it all over the world. Allow your imagination to run wild and see your made-up world come to life.



With our non-fiction publishing service, you can excite curiosity and share your insights. We are experts at bringing to life well-researched and interesting material, such as historical narratives, scientific discoveries, useful manuals, and perceptive critiques. Make a lasting impression on the world and inspire readers with your expertise.



Autobiography publishing service from us can assist you preserve your life's journey and motivate others. We support you in creating an interesting story that reveals your own experiences, difficulties, and victories. Tell your tale to hook readers more deeply and create a lasting impression.



Have you ever had a gripping story trapped inside of you? You can find those memories and turn them into an engaging story with the help of our memoir publishing service. Together, we'll build a meaningful journey that shares your individual experiences, life lessons, and wisdom gathered along the road. Write a memoir to leave a lasting legacy, motivate others, and change the world.

Children Book

Children Book

Our children's book publishing service is going to pique young readers' interests and spark their imaginations. We work together with writers and artists to produce colorful tales that attract, instruct, and inspire young minds. Let us create delightful worlds and cultivate in them a passion for reading that lasts a lifetime.

Self Help Book

Self Help Book

Our self-help book publishing service encourages others to pursue their own personal improvement. We mentor writers to produce useful and motivational material that supports readers in overcoming obstacles, achieving objectives, and realizing their own potential. Make a difference in the world by assisting others in realizing their greatest potential.

From Private To Public- Our Process


We have a collaborative discussion to understand your vision, target audience, and envisioned outcome before starting your publishing journey. We are going to respond to your inquiries, handle your worries, and collaborate to create a publication strategy that is specific to your requirements.


Our skilled editors go deep into the core of your work. We provide insightful critiques on narrative, flow, character growth, and structure to make sure your work achieves its maximum potential. Your story is elevated and your voice gets stronger by this collaborative approach.


Our designers use eye-catching graphics to bring your book to life. We design an eye-catching cover that draws readers in and captures the spirit of your story. We also take care of the style and formatting inside publications, ensuring a consistent reading experience across print and digital media.


We handle the technical parts of publication once your piece of writing has been refined and designed. This includes getting ISBNs, handling printing or converting to an ebook, and making sure your book gets to different online distributors and shops. We take care of everything, so you can concentrate on telling the world your story.

Publish With Professionals and Passion!

From Draft To Done- Publish your Book WIth With Atlantic Book Publisher!

Let Atlantic Book Publisher! be your guide from draft to done. We help writers at all skill levels in turning their work into published works of art. Reach out to us right now to make your book dream a reality!

Listen To Our Satisfied Clients


Eleanor P

I got assistance from Atlantic Book Publisher to turn my self-help book from a concept into a hit. Their advice and knowledge were quite helpful!

David W

I strongly recommend Atlantic Book Publisher! They helped to make the publication process easy and stress-free so I could concentrate on writing.

Isabella M

Everything I required to publish my book was given by Atlantic Book Publisher, from editing to publishing. So grateful for their help!

Samuel L

The design team at Atlantic Book Publisher produced an amazing cover for my children's book. My readers and children adore it!

Sophia C

It was a pleasure working with their experts. They helped me reach a larger audience by publishing my first work.

Alex R

The editors at Atlantic Book Publisher really helped me polish my work and bring my narrative to life. They genuinely care about the success of authors!

Emily M

The outcomes of my nonfiction book publishing with their professionals have been wonderful. They improved my communication with the ideal target market.

Mark W

My ambition of having my writing published became a reality thanks to Atlantic Book Publisher. They are truly passionate about books, helpful, and professional.

Sophia C

Throughout my publication process, their team of experts offered complete help that included developmental editing to publicity.

Alex R

Without Atlantic Book Publisher, I could not have published my memoirs. They made it easier for me to tell the world about my story.


Our comprehensive publishing services ensure that every author's idea is turned into a published masterpiece that reaches and connects with the target audience. From careful editing and engaging design to smart distribution and promotion, we take care of everything.

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We produce books in many different categories, such as self-help, children's books, autobiographies, memoirs, and fiction.

In addition to developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, cover design, book formatting, printing, ebook conversion, and marketing assistance, we provide a full range of publishing services.

Depending on the complexity of your work and the range of services you have chosen, there are different timelines for publication. However, we work hard to be productive without sacrificing quality, and the procedure usually takes time depending on your work.

Sure, we are able to help you with the self-publishing procedure. We assist you in reaching your publishing objectives by providing a la carte services and a variety of bundles.

The services you choose, the length and complexity of your work, and the format you want (print or digital) all affect how much publication costs. For a personalized price and to discuss your unique needs, we give free consultations.

The first step is to make an appointment with one of our professionals. Then you get the time of meeting and the details of our expert consultation. After that we are going to ask about your book idea, listen to your inquiries and give the support you need with the publication process and writing process.

Press release distribution, author websites, and internet marketing tactics are just a few of the marketing assistance services we provide. We also offer advice on self-promotion tactics to assist you in reaching the audience you want to reach.

Generally speaking, self-publishing allows you a larger royalty rate than traditional publication. This, however, depends on the pricing plan you decide on and the website you use to sell your book.

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